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Top Designer - Merge Town

Top Designer - Merge Town

1.0.57 by QingWanPlay
(0 Reviews) May 01, 2024
Top Designer - Merge Town Top Designer - Merge Town Top Designer - Merge Town Top Designer - Merge Town Top Designer - Merge Town Top Designer - Merge Town

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May 01, 2024
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On the vast land, some once prosperous small towns are gradually declining, with less noise and more silence. One day, the arrival of a figure sounded the long-lost bell, breaking this silence. He, claiming to be the best designer, will re-plan the small town. Whether the small town can regain its former glory under his leadership, remains to be seen.
After learning the news, Tim, a resident of the town, knew that it would be a quite long journey! And he will complete all of this together with the person who claims to be the top designer.

At the beginning, everything is always covered in dust, but that's okay! Let's dust it off, discover and merge items. Use the crafted building materials and tools to construct various types of buildings. You can also decorate your town with landmarks and monuments. What surprises await us in the next second?

The train station has been neglected for years. We need to find a way to repair it, then prepare some seeds, clothes, drinks, and more to load onto the train and trade with other towns. As the town expands, we may need more railways and other transportation methods. Don't worry! The airport and port are also waiting for us to repair. Let's embark on an exciting trading journey!

On this day, there was a tricky problem at the town's post office! The post office has accumulated too many parcels, and if they can't be delivered on time, residents' lives will be seriously affected. Come and take over the post office's work, dispatch drones to deliver parcels to the residents.

Game features:
● Unlock land, expand the size of the town, and gain more building space.
● discover and merge more items.
● Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your dream town.
● Decorate your town with different landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and more.
● Unlock each train route, load up the train, conduct trade, and sell agricultural products to other towns.
● Repair the airport, load up the plane, send orders, and receive more rewards.
● Start maritime trade and bring back some fruits and seafood for the town.
● Fun citizens need you to deliver courier orders for them.

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